Saturday, October 4, 2008


I love going to yard sales on saturday mornings. Sometimes you can find such great stuff. I think the saying "Someones trash is someone else's treasure" sure holds true for me. I also love seeing other blogs that show what people got on their quests for great junk, so I thought I would show you mine from today. Look at these awesome old bingo games!!!! They both are just chock full of great pieces to create with!! There must be about 50-75 bingo cards in total!!! Can you say "Motherload?" I was so excited to find these. And the cards are different in each set~ Im not familiar with the setup on the bottom game. It looks to be pretty old. I got these 2 games, a large bowl for my dog to drink out of when she is outside and 2 new baseball caps all for $3.00. Now thats a good deal!!!!!


Lola Enchanted said...

What a great find! I love garage sales ANY time of the day!! heehee!!!

Enjoy your day!

Chelsea said...

Hi Artful Whimsies-
I am the blogger from the Inspiration Point blog where you entered my card giveaway. Just wanted to let you know you won the set of cards from Cards by Katie on!! Congratulations!! You can convo me your address so I can send you the cards! My Etsy store is Inspiration Point.