Saturday, November 7, 2009


As I was getting ready to put away our Halloween decorations until next year, I stopped to take a couple of pictures of them to share... I really liked my dollar store crows! that is until I noticed that one of them still has the cardboard stuff attached to his feet. He'll get a makeover before his reappearance next year.
I love the look of vintage decorations, and I would love to someday own some, but they are hard to find~ and very pricey.
I really enjoy walking past these little guys each day. The cream and orange/ black combo is one that appeals to me.

Lastly, I show you my collection of ghosts that sit upon my antique sideboard. I have some of these since before I was ever married or had kids. They love hanging out together in my dining room.

Many thanks for stopping by, and tomorrow I will have photos of TT in her costume.

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