Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Theresa Lauren is 18???

Yes, its true. My sweet, tiny little girl is now a lovely young lady of 18!!! Cant believe it. She has accomplished quite a bit in her years so far, and of course has gone above and beyond- her extra chromosone is just another small part of her makeup. Like her haircolor, or sweet smile, or stubborness.
Enough of me, here are some photos of her day. We had gone shopping like we always do after school, and she picked out some cd's and clothes. Then we went to eat out at Cracker Barrell. She loves the Sirloin Steak dinner there. Then we came home where a homemade chocolate cake was waiting for her.

Getting ready to make her wish!
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!
Dad needed to help her open some big packages. This one turned out to be a Conair Foot massager. She loves doing manicures, and now pedicures too~
This big package arrived the next day. None of us had any idea what was inside.
OMG!!! April sent her a life size Justin Bieber!! She was (and still is) beyond excited!! This is the perfect gift!
We stood him up right away and she and Michael posed with him.
After deciding that he would stand in our family room, where she could gaze at him all day long, she needed to give him a hug~ too adorable!
Many thanks for stopping by...
Next up will be the thank you cards Im making for her gifts.

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Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

OMG! Laughing so hard!! I cannot wait to see the scrapbook pages of this one! Gotta love TT---and Michael is a great big brother! Lol. still...!