Friday, March 6, 2009


Today is a sad day for me, as I have just been notified that my wonderful EBAY group called The Elite Paper Artists, or TEPA for short, has closed its doors forever. I have been an artist in some form or another all my life, even getting my BA in Commercial Design. I did not however do any of this on the computer until about 2 1/2 years ago. I started selling my vintage books on EBAY, and before long, I was invited to join this group of talented ladies. All wonderful paper artists, we became a type of sisterhood, discussing everything from the newest trends in paper arts to family life.
I saw weddings, births, even a separation. But through it all we stuck together and became fast friends. I think that I will have to place most of the blame for this on the economy. It was getting very discouraging, as sales slowed to a crawl. Many of the members now had to devote more time to paying the bills, etc. Ladies that were stay at home moms had to go and get a job, or some had to work longer hours, leaving less and less time for our beloved group. We are friends though, and will remain TEPA sisters. Hopefully one day in the future, we can join up again.
But for now, it is a sad day. Goodbye TEPA~ I will miss you.

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Lola Enchanted said...

Hi there! what a sad post. Maybe you could make a group/blog to which you all could join, or maybe on Etsy! Something to think about! I just hate to see things like this happen, especially to YOU!!!! Hope you have a nice day regardless!