Sunday, September 18, 2011

A New Recipe For Sunday

One of my collections (and there are many) is pretty cookbooks. You know the the ones, with a photo for each recipe. I have tons of them. Many are stored on shelves in my kitchen, and some are in boxes in the garage. So, I really never need to buy another, yet I just did. I could never possibly cook all those recipes~ or could I??
Anyhow, I recently  (yesterday)  got a new cookbook of slow cooker recipes. Its made by Gooseberry Patch and every other page has a huge pretty photo of what your food is supposed to look like.
Today I thought I would try the Potato Soup recipe. Food Lion had B1G1 on baking potatos, so the timing was perfect. It made my house smell yummy all day, and was very easy to follow the few directions. I made some yeast rolls that were full of melting butter, and offered to make a salad- but had no takers for that.
Here is a bowl of the finished product~

And here are 2 happy, handsome recipients of that bowl of yummy goodness.
I love those guys!
My sweet girl has a bad cold and did not eat much today. Although she told me that she didnt think she would like my soup. Not so much for trying new things.

It made plenty for leftovers too. If anyone would like to try this recipe, just post me a comment and I'll get it to you.
Many thanks for stopping by..

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