Sunday, September 11, 2011

To Honor Patriots Day

Today holds so much meaning for people everywhere. For me, its the first ( and hopefully only) huge historic day that I actually lived thru and remember so vividly. Living in New York then, where I had lived my whole life up to that point, made the event so much larger.
I was driving to work in the opposite direction of NYC when I heard  the local radio station describe what they thought was happening.  Almost instantly, many, many police cars, fire trucks and emergency vehicles went flying by towards the city on the Southern State Parkway. To say it was scary does not even come close.From my Parents house, the air was so thick with smoke and a heavy smell, it sometimes seemed like it would never go away. I lost several friends from childhood and high school that day, most of whom where emergency responders to the scene. Thoughts and prayers go out to all who were affected that day and in the days to come.
I am proud to say that my Brother In Law has been one of the men hard at work on the Freedom Tower, and will be there till its done.
I thought it was appropriate to share half of my Fourth of July layout today with you. We had the pleasure of having the 9/11 flag as the parade marshall this year. It was quite an honor to watch it go by, proudly held by many of our local responders. A wonderful couple who had lost their son in the tragedy were instrumental in bringing the flag to our little seaside town.

I took the idea for this layout from a Cricut idea book. I am pleased with how it came out.
As today comes to a close, prayers for peace are still in order.
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