Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Secrets Of The Sea

I have just finished my tags for a swap by Red Lead of St. Louis. I love to shop online with them, and would love to one day visit their store. They love vintage, as I do, so maybe its better I dont live anywhere near St. Louis. Well, anyhow, they talked about another swap, this time the subject being the sea. Since I live in a beach and river community, I was instantly intrigued~

I have participated in swaps before, but not for quite a while. Sometimes I got great stuff in return, but there were times the stuff I received was frankly- junk. I even got some clearance stuff from Big Lots when everything was to be hand made.  But I knew that this was to be a good one~ or at least I hope so. You had to make 3 tags with a rather large size tag, something like 4 1/2 by 8. You needed to use at least one of their stamps, and hopefully, also a collage sheet image.
I decided to make 4, so I could keep one of mine for me! I made each a little different.
Here they are~

I think they turned out great. I used some Artisan Inks and some air brush inks for the backgrounds. I wet the tags, and then spritzed the colors on with reckless abandon~ LOL! When dry, I stamped my images, then added the collage sheet pictures, which are adorable by the way, and added random embellishments.
I Love the tiny pom pom trim on the bottom of each tag. I dont remember where I got it, but I have been hoarding it for a long time! Dont worry- I still have some left!
This is the tag I kept for myself~

Here are the next three~

I love the doily tucked in behind the little girl!

And finally~

Well, there they are, I will show you guys what comes my way as soon as they get here.
Keep your fingers crossed for me~
Many thanks for stopping by...


Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

Your friend would love a set of these---name your price! (well within reason-you know my budget! lol!)

Dortesjs said...

Absolutely fabulous