Saturday, July 7, 2012

Yard Sale Saturday~

Another installment of one of my favorite pastimes- besides stamping of course!
This week has been so terribly hot, but we still managed to get a few sales in before we needed the AC.  More things for TT to play with  than much else, but we always have fun looking for our next treasure.
First up- a Sing A MaJig! these weird little dolls are so cute. They sing when you press their belly or hand, and their mouth moves in a creepy way. TT says she doesnt like them, but always picks one up when she sees one. They were super popular around a year ago, so I got it for the bargain price of 50 cents!

Next,  a Peter Pan Barbie~ always adorable! 25 cents!

Then we found minature wire stacking shelves. Big enough for cd's or other smaller stuff. They match the big ones already in TTs room. These were $1.50.

Now something for me-  a pedometer, to help me count my steps (50 cents) and a pretty color long sleeve shirt for 25 cents. I also got an Ott Light that had not been used for $3.00. Its in the back of the first photo. I paid about $40.00 for mine when it was new.

Lastly, an old metal candelabra that was $3.00. Im not sure yet what I will do with it, but I didnt want to pass it up. I sometimes see people on blogs that paint stuff like this pale pink, or a soft robins egg blue. So, it will have a new look sometime soon!

Many thanks for stopping by...

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