Saturday, October 6, 2012


Today was an awesome yard sale day! we had so many to choose from, it was like Christmas morning to me! Honestly, I would rather shop at yard sales than the mall~
My husband and I both say its our favorite time of the week! Its the beginning of the weekend, we get to spend some time together, we bargain hunt, and then go and get breakfast before we head home with our treasures. We pretty much laugh the whole time, and we dont want it to end.
First up today was a community wide sale not far form our house, and boy did we score big here! I would guess that about 20 homes participated, and many of them you could walk from one to the other. We both found some awesome things, and I even found some new things that may become gifts in the future...

This photo has a brand new hand made dish towel with a crocheted hangar and a pretty cookie and tea pattern- price 10 cents! The other is a long sleeve T shirt for me with seaside themed embroidery on it- price 50 cents.

This photo has a large grouping of stuff. More on those up next...
Tiny clothespins to paint ($1.25 for 3 packs), new ice trays to make homemade pesto for the freezer (25 cents), a lined basket ($1).
Beaded lampshade for $2.00.
Iron  and beaded candle holder, $2.00. This will make a home on the ledge by my bathtub~
3 small wine glasses. My husband found these, as he is starting to make his own wine, and thought the little glasses would be great to taste the different wines. 2 of the glasses have the prettiest etching of a ship on them. 75 cents.
A like new magazine rack for $1.00!! This house also had thee cutest puppies for sale-- I may be back to that house sooner rather than later!!
A brand new, with tags, Vera Bradley lookalike bag for $3.00. This will be a Christmas gift for my daughter, as she loves mine, which looks pretty similar.

also for her, a "Friends" cookbook. This was a real score for us, as Theresa loves cookbooks, and is really into watching old "Friends" reruns lately.  New condition. That was 50 cents.
How cute is this? From Hallmark, you can see it above in its original box which had a $6.95 price on it. We paid 50 cents. An egg salt and pepper shaker set! OMG- so cute. Here it is closed~
Here it is opened~  Love!

We also got the Rubbermaid pitcher and a magazine holder that are in above photos for a quarter each. Not shown, a baby gate to keep our pups contained, as someone is always chewing on the ones we have~ Berklee, are you listening?? HAHA. $1.50. And a large wine making jug that holds 6 gallons of homemade wine for $15.00. That would cost about $50-$60 new.
I think this was a pretty great day, dont you?
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Anonymous said...

Awaiting more posts!

Dawn B. said...

You did score big time. I LOVE all your finds. I live in a state where there are hardly any garage sales. I grew up in a large family and we were fully clothed from garage sales. Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog.