Saturday, October 4, 2008


I love going to yard sales on saturday mornings. Sometimes you can find such great stuff. I think the saying "Someones trash is someone else's treasure" sure holds true for me. I also love seeing other blogs that show what people got on their quests for great junk, so I thought I would show you mine from today. Look at these awesome old bingo games!!!! They both are just chock full of great pieces to create with!! There must be about 50-75 bingo cards in total!!! Can you say "Motherload?" I was so excited to find these. And the cards are different in each set~ Im not familiar with the setup on the bottom game. It looks to be pretty old. I got these 2 games, a large bowl for my dog to drink out of when she is outside and 2 new baseball caps all for $3.00. Now thats a good deal!!!!!


I think this little music stand is adorable. Not sure what it was used for originally, because it is so little, but now it will become a display stand for my ATC'S or cards.
I found these at my last stop. Dont you love retro juice pitchers?? Should I know squeeze my own orange juice? they will join my tomato juice pitcher that I got last spring at a different yard sale.