Monday, July 23, 2012

Taking a little hiatus

Hello all! I am presently out of town for a bit, but I promise I will be back soon with some pretty things to share with you. By the way, the Red Lead Yahoo group that I made those tags for (in the last post) have chosen me Homepage Diva. my tags are the feature there!! YIPEE!!!! Many thanks for stopping by....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Secrets Of The Sea

I have just finished my tags for a swap by Red Lead of St. Louis. I love to shop online with them, and would love to one day visit their store. They love vintage, as I do, so maybe its better I dont live anywhere near St. Louis. Well, anyhow, they talked about another swap, this time the subject being the sea. Since I live in a beach and river community, I was instantly intrigued~

I have participated in swaps before, but not for quite a while. Sometimes I got great stuff in return, but there were times the stuff I received was frankly- junk. I even got some clearance stuff from Big Lots when everything was to be hand made.  But I knew that this was to be a good one~ or at least I hope so. You had to make 3 tags with a rather large size tag, something like 4 1/2 by 8. You needed to use at least one of their stamps, and hopefully, also a collage sheet image.
I decided to make 4, so I could keep one of mine for me! I made each a little different.
Here they are~

I think they turned out great. I used some Artisan Inks and some air brush inks for the backgrounds. I wet the tags, and then spritzed the colors on with reckless abandon~ LOL! When dry, I stamped my images, then added the collage sheet pictures, which are adorable by the way, and added random embellishments.
I Love the tiny pom pom trim on the bottom of each tag. I dont remember where I got it, but I have been hoarding it for a long time! Dont worry- I still have some left!
This is the tag I kept for myself~

Here are the next three~

I love the doily tucked in behind the little girl!

And finally~

Well, there they are, I will show you guys what comes my way as soon as they get here.
Keep your fingers crossed for me~
Many thanks for stopping by...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Cooking Scrapbook Pages

We had our monthly class this week, I was teaching, and we chose the theme "cooking". While vintage style is my favorite, and I had many vintage cooking ideas in my head, when I saw these bright , cheerful colors in Michaels, I had to go with them. I thought they looked very summer-like, and the pattrerned paper was really cute. So my vintage will wait for another month.

We also went old school as far as hand cutting out all the images~ no Cricut used here! Since the images are fairly large, there was no complaining from our group of ladies-LOL.
All paper is from Michaels, the patterened paper is from thier own Recollections line. I think the cardstock is Bazzill. Here is one of the pages, cute huh?
The spoon and the mat in the bowl are not adhered to anything, this way if you wanted to write a recipe on it, you could take it out as needed to read it, and then return the mat to the bowl. The spoon was stamped with an older SU background woodgrain stamp.

Some of the edges were dusted with Chalk ink for definition.
The opposite page can hold many photos, recipes, kitchen notes, or a combination of all of those. Our group likes to do layouts that can hold several photos, so we oblige as much as possible.

Stamps on this page are by Crafty Secrets. Twine is from the Twinery. I am not happy with the stapled looked of the tags, so I had the class use a hole punch on theirs. I will have to help mine along somehow.

The whole layout~

Many thanks for stopping by....

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Yard Sale Saturday~

Another installment of one of my favorite pastimes- besides stamping of course!
This week has been so terribly hot, but we still managed to get a few sales in before we needed the AC.  More things for TT to play with  than much else, but we always have fun looking for our next treasure.
First up- a Sing A MaJig! these weird little dolls are so cute. They sing when you press their belly or hand, and their mouth moves in a creepy way. TT says she doesnt like them, but always picks one up when she sees one. They were super popular around a year ago, so I got it for the bargain price of 50 cents!

Next,  a Peter Pan Barbie~ always adorable! 25 cents!

Then we found minature wire stacking shelves. Big enough for cd's or other smaller stuff. They match the big ones already in TTs room. These were $1.50.

Now something for me-  a pedometer, to help me count my steps (50 cents) and a pretty color long sleeve shirt for 25 cents. I also got an Ott Light that had not been used for $3.00. Its in the back of the first photo. I paid about $40.00 for mine when it was new.

Lastly, an old metal candelabra that was $3.00. Im not sure yet what I will do with it, but I didnt want to pass it up. I sometimes see people on blogs that paint stuff like this pale pink, or a soft robins egg blue. So, it will have a new look sometime soon!

Many thanks for stopping by...

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Happy Fourth of July to all my readers! My little town of about 2800 people swells to about 40,000 this week. we have the biggest " 4th"  parade in the state. Its really fun. We have a craft fair, food vendors. a 5k, art gallery shows, constant music on the waterfront stage... I could go on, but I will give you a few pictures.

Well, you get the idea~
There is also a naturalization ceremony, where yesterday, 117 people from 52 countries became citizens of the good ole USA!! A classic car show was also fun.

For me- this was the highlight of this years Fourth...

Josh Duhamel and Fergie are in my little town!! He is here to film the Nicholas Sparks book Safehaven. Its set in Southport, and is being filmed here. He plays the male lead, and Julianne Hough plays the female lead. Its exciting to say the least!
After the fireworks tonite, they came out of a little restaurant we were sitting near. Some people went  - ok ran- over to say hello. I was one of them. They were friendly and said Hi and waved. Josh even said a few words to us. I Fergie sat on a motorcycle that was all done up for the holiday. I took her picture, but it was pretty blurry, as everything happened rather quickly, and my flash wasnt on, but here it is.

She is right in the middle, with her back to me. Her husband Josh , is standing behind the guy in the patiotic hat. Fun!!! Hope you also enjoyed your day~
Many thanks for stopping by...