Friday, September 11, 2009


I am excited to share with you pictures of my new bicycle!! In my quest to lose some weight, I once again signed up at our local gym with my son as my trainer, and decided to do some biking each day. The problem with that was I didnt have my own bike. I had been riding my stepdaughters' bike from when she was about 12?
Needless to say, it was time for a new one. I sold hers on Craigslist, along with another old bike that was just taking up space in my garage. With that money, and only $35.00 more, I went shopping.
Here is what I found!!!!!!! Since I live in a coastal town, right near both ocean and river, it was only fitting that I get a "Beach Cruiser" style of bike. Its made by Schwinn (just like the bikes I always had as a kid), has a retro look that I love, and best of all~ its pink!!! I think Im in love!
When I went to pick it up at the store after they assembled it, I spied this great basket and knew it would look awesome on my handlebars. Boy was I right!

Well, I'm off to take a ride.
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Monday, September 7, 2009


Yesterday was my birthday. We had a very nice day, and since my sister and her family just moved to NC this summer, it was my first birthday since Im here (5 years) that we actually had a housefull of people. It was really great.
I wanted to show you the beautiful cake that my husband and children got me this year. Its called Basket of Flowers and it was one of the prettiest cakes I have seen. Everything is made of whipped cream and it was 2 huge layers of chocolatey goodness inside that frosting. It was so realistic, my Brother in Law asked if it was the cake or a centerpiece for fall.
Here is the whole cake on my vintage milk glass cake pedestal. This is a closeup of the flowers~ which were about 2 inches thick in parts.
This is a shot of the basket weave the talented girl did. Impressive, huh??

And this is a photo from my kitchen island. I took this one cause the titles on these cards are the 3 most important to me~ MOM,WIFE and DAUGHTER. I am honored to be all of these 3 things to the best people in the world. Thanks for making my birthday so very special.

The photos of blowing out the candles and all of us enjoying this cake are on my Husbands camera, and are yet to be downloaded. I'll try to get them up for tomorrow.
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Saturday, September 5, 2009


Jennifer M over at Stamps and Smiles always hosts the lovliest and fun challenges. This week over at Project Tuesday the challenge was to make a gift card/envelope. They even supply a link to the template, so not only is it fun, but its easy too.
I decided to do mine as a Thank You card with with a whimsical , fun flavor. The stamps are from Stamps and Smiles. The lollipops are from the set called "Cuppyland" and the inside sentiment is from "Happy Birthday Cuppy". These sets are just adorable, arent they?
This is the outside, front of the card. After stamping each of the 3 lollipops, I colored them with my Copics, then used Stampin Up Crystal Effects to give them the look of freshly unwrapped, shiny goodness. A SU punch was also used for the belly band. Here is a closeup of how well the Crystal Effects works to give a realistic shine wherever needed. I have applied it a bit thick as to give each pop a raised, domed look.
The sticks were glittered with an ultra fine glitter, and tiny bows were added to each to finish them off.
This photo shows the inside of this versatile little card. There is room for a gift card on the bottom, as the cardstock folds up to make a pocket. Best to use a double sided cardstock for this project.
The middle panel is for your sentiment and hand written note. I double layered this panel, and added some glittery goodness to the edges in a "fairy pink" glitter from Hobby Lobby.

Who would'nt love to receive this in the mail. I know that I would.
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This past weekend, Bob, Michael, TT and I were invited out to dinner by my Mother in Law. She is a member of the Marianist Community, and was in North Carolina to attend an executive board meeting at The Christian Family Living Center in Topsail, NC. This is about 1 1/2 hours north of where we live. She lives in New York, so tries to get together with us when possible after her duties are fulfilled.
We went to a wonderful restaurant right in Topsail that serves great American fare. It has many seafood dishes, as it is right on the beach. That is what most people ate, but as TT and I dont like seafood, we each had a sirloin steak. Mine was served with a goat cheese herbed butter on top. Yummm!!!!! Here is Michael hamming it up for the camera with his Grandma Carol.
Here we all are after dinner with smiling faces and full bellies~ I wish our oldest son Stephen could be with us more, but that is difficult as he lives in NYC.
By the way, did I metion that I tried Alligator Tail, which was one of the appetizers. This is quite a feat for me, as I am pretty picky as far as what I will eat. It tasted like a chickeny-pork type of white meat, but it was pretty chewy. I think I'll pass on that next time. The cajun batter it was in was good though.
This is actually my first husbands' (who passed away years ago) mother, but I will always call her my Mother In Law. I am very grateful that we still get to spend time with her and that she and my husband Bob get along so well.

One last shot of Michael and Bob before we left for the evening.
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