Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas to all of my readers! Hope you had a wonderful and blessed day!
My family had a wonderful few days. And my posts will be returning soon, as I got the gift of a new camera for Christmas. I ordered it online, and should be here soon! Yipee!!!!
If any of you got some holiday money and have a bit extra- please dont forget my orphan baby that I am trying to raise money for. There is still time for Angel Tree, although it will be ending next week.
Please visit my other blog for details.
Many thanks for stopping by...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Last Fair of the Year

Yesterday, Sharon and I had our second, and last Chhristmas Fair for the year. We would love to do more of them, but are having quite the time finding them. This one was about 2 hours away at Topsail Beach, in a Methodist Church there. We did this fair last year, and eveyone there is so nice and helpful, we decided to go again this year. Although, last year there were plenty of kids from the youth group there, with big carts and they helped loading and unloading all the stuff. Not sure what happened to them this time? And last year they made the best lunch that they called Chicken Pot Pie. It was more like a really thick soup- stew kind of thing, but it was delicious and I was looking forward to having it again yesterday. I had a Hot Dog instead- no chicken this time.
Anyhow, they give you a nice sized spot, we were near some windows, and right next to each other. After setting up, I took my money box out and proceeded to open it- where was my key?? After looking around, and then starting to panic after I realized it was left home, my sweet friend came to the rescue. I asked to try her key in the hopes it would work_ but she did not have her key either! Luckily though, her box is kept unlocked so she was able to get to her money. she lent me enough to get started and we were then fine.
As I has said in my last post, my camera fell on the floor and broke. Wont turn on- nothing. I borrowed my husbands camera, but not knowing how to work it too well, my photos are kinda crummy. But here is my space yesterday:

More tomorrow! Many thanks for stopping by...