Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We had such a great Thanksgiving weekend, that it could'nt be contained in one post!
Time goes by so quickly, and we should all try to make sure that we can enjoy friends and family as much as possible.
Here is my niece Jacqueline, making her signature cranberry sauce turkeys for our feast. Matthew is keeping a close eye! Another photo of him in his "turkey leg hat". Isnt this the cutest?
My newest little cousin~ Noelle.

All the cousins, except my 2 boys enjoying the beach house on Seans birthday.

Sean, me and Jackie.
Jackie and Sean. They are only 4 months apart.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hi! Hope by now everyone has recovered from their holiday of eating , shopping and enjoying family. I thought I would share some photos of our day.
We had the largest crowd ever at our present home. 18 people. It was originally going to be more like 22, but a few didnt make it. We were very lucky this year to share our day with some special cousins from Florida. We had not had Thanksgiving together since we were kids, so it was extra special. My cousin Gene, his wife Katy, and their 4 children, including their newly adopted daughter from China drove around 12 hours to spend a few days with us.
Watching our kids all play together made us think back to when that was us. Wow, time really flies, doesnt it??
Here is my cousin Gene, and my brother in law John waiting for the turkey to be served.

We had sunny, warm weather, which was great, as I dont have a large enough table in my dining room to seat so many. Next best thing is my screened porch. Its large, and we set up 2 folding tables. That, combined with all the other seating in there made for plenty of room.
We also had the pleasure of welcoming my husbands Aunt, Uncle and family to our neck of the woods this past July.
So they also joined us. Everyone brought something, and it was great!
Here is my nephew Matt wearing his turkey leg hat he made in preschool last year. I should have taken a side view photo. He is way too cute wearing this.
And although this picture is blurry, I wanted to introduce you all to the newest member of our family, celebrating her very first Thanksgiving here in America~ Noelle.
Shes a little doll.

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Monday, November 15, 2010


I have been busy lately getting ready for a craft show, which is now over. Instead of only paper crafts, I have delved into the NEW TO ME world of jewelry making. Charms, to be exact. More on those in a different post, with a chance to win one.
But for now I present to you a Christmas organizer that I made for myself. It is not completely done, but enough of it is to ahow you how its coming. It just needs some ribbons on the binder rings (after I switch those out for smaller ones) and some paper cut to size inbetween the categories to make my notes.
This is a sneak peek of the cover, Santa and I are both busy starting to make lists of what presents we will be delivering. He is a stamp from Taylored Expressions. Isnt he adorable?? Here is the cover. The paper is from a stack I have from last year, and the base of the book was a chipboard base also from my stash.
Below are the first 2 pages. I have mixed old and new thruout this book, cause I can seldom make something without at least a few vintage touches. The fabric trim is quite old!
The pocket on the left will hold coupons. The crochet flower has been in my art studio for years.

Next up, we have an old bingo card, doilies, a cute little girl from long ago, and some scrunchy seam binding that I made myself. It was originally white. I dyed it and then scrunched it up while it dried.
This pocket is for receipts.
What Christmas book is complete without a photo of Santa and children on his lap?
This folded pocket has some little pom pom trim (new) and will hold my to do lists and notes from me to me. haha~
This spread is maybe my favorite. I love the old cone cut right out of a vintage cookbook~
There are some SU felt snowflakes, and a little banner that reads "sweet".
I also like the expression on the little girls face on the lower right. Shes a cutie.
This pocket will hold any gift cards I pick up along the way, and where I will put their receipts incase they were never activated. Dont you hate when that happens?
Lastly is my recipe pocket. I like trying new holiday recipes, and often cut them out of newspapers, magazines, and collect them in grocery stores. But I dont add them to my big cookbook until I have tried them and know I'll be making them again. So this is a perfect place to put them.
The left side has a card front that some of you may recognize. It was my Christmas card last year!
Detail of the tabs.

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Hope you are all getting started - or making progress with your holiday planinng!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hope you all had a great weekend!!! Halloween is always so much fun~
TT and I always carve a pumpkin on our screened porch the afternoon before trick or treating. She has become the master of scraping those seeds. I tease her and tell her we will hire her out to clean other peoples pumpkins.
This year she was a ladybug, and a cute one at that. Unfortunately, she had a terrible cold, and opted to give out the candy in costume rather than trick or treat.

We had a great time anyway.

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