Saturday, February 21, 2009


Last week in one of my groups, ETSY COTTAGE STYLE, they had a special 2 year birthday celebration with lots of games and contests for the members. I won this beautiful cupcake charm from Mimi!! She has got a great etsy shop called "Dandelion Wishes". You must go and check it out, there are so many pretty charms and other things for sale there! This is a photo of the back of my charm. My pictures came up in a different order than how I intended. Oh, well.
This is also a part of the prize~ all these M &M's!!!! Yipee!! The contest was to guess how many were in this jar! I guessed 738, and there were 737 in the jar. I cannot believe I came that close. I am typically not good in games like this, but see~you never know!

This is the pretty front of the charm necklace. An adorable cupcake. TT's birthday is monday, and she wants to wear it to school that day. Im sure it will look great, and so will she.
Have a wonderful weekend~

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Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

Very pretty charm! But---will you share the CHOCOLATE?! Lol! Congrats.