Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hi everyone! Sorry I have been MIA these last 2 weeks. But there is a good reason. My husband is expanding my art studio. My room is a small part of the garage, and it became just that- too small. So thankfully to Bobs great handiwork, I will be expanding by almost double of what I had before.
But in the meantime, everything is a mess. All of my stuff has been shoved into one side of the room, so my creativity has been severly compromised. I cannot find anything, and if I did find it, would have not a single space to use to work on.
But I am so excited~ Its absolutely worth it, and I will be back soon- bigger and better than ever.
Hope you got a chuckle out of my mess in progress. Have a great weekend~

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Christi Flores said...

I would LOVE to have my own space! That is awesome that your DH is doing that for you! I know it's a pain right now but once it's all done you are going to LOVE it!