Saturday, May 9, 2009


I'm almost back!! Here are some updated photos of my new art studio, almost ready to go~ I cant wait till Im back in action.
The wall colors are called Lemon Souffle and are such a pretty soft yellow in person. My husband had the good idea to paint the ceiling a pale, periwinkle type of blue and it looks so nice against the yellow paint and the white trimming.

All this has to find a new home where it shall stay nice and neat. (A girl can hope, cant she?)

I was fortunate enough to buy a few of these paper racks from a scrapbook store that has recently gone out of business nearby. (if you call 35 miles away nearby-LOL). I have 2 of the double racks, and 1 tall single rack that holds my solid cardstock. Paper has up to now always been a big problem for me as far as what to do with it after I bring it home. It is now housed in milk crates on the floor. not the best answer, but it has been workable like that for the past few years.

This is a photo of the new side taken from the old side. There was some unused space above that far wall, so we opened it up and it will provide extra storage for things I dont use too often.

This is my new pretty chandelier that I purchased from another store that was going out of business. It is centered over my yard sale table.Do you see a pattern here? My favorite places to shop are always off the beaten path. Its so much more fun to find these great things at yard sales, thrift stores, out of business sales, etc.
Thanks for stopping by and being patient with me as my posts have been few and far between. That will be changing real soon.

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