Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Our first stop on the journey was to our favorite ice cream shop. We sat in the rockers outside and TT got her beloved chocolate ice cream, pretty much the only flavor in the world to her~
Here I am in our mode of transportation for the day- our sporty golfcart. We love it, and use it often. TT took my picture in front of the Cape Fear River near Waterfront Park. The sky is usually such a beautiful blue, but it was cloudy and a bit windy yesterday.

Sally Jane is one of the horses that will take you by carriage ride on a tour all around Southport. Here she is waiting by the Shell Shop for her next passengers.

This seafood shack is a local attraction. It sits on the river with some awesome views. Nothing fancy- its all paper plates and finger stuff, but the food is real good and visitors to my tiny town always make sure they stop in before leaving. This photo is a newly restored bed and breakfast near the river. The house dates back to something like 1873? We got the chance to tour it during Christmas time. Its just as pretty inside, with fireplaces everywhere.

The end leg of our ride was TT asking to see her old Elementary school, so we swung by there.

Here she is- posing on a bench in the childrens garden.

I thought this sign was so precious, it is in the garden area of TT's elementary school that she graduated from a few years ago. The door to the Exceptional Childrens class looks out onto this garden. They also help to plant it.

Here is TT standing in front of the most delicious smelling vine. It grew up all the way over the brick garden wall.

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend, taking time to remember those who fought for our freedom, and spending some quality time with those you love.

Many thanks for stopping by...

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Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

I love that last picture of TT! That is just "so her"!!! Nice tour! Sharon