Sunday, January 24, 2010

Any Foodies Out There?

I know, I know, this is supposed to be a papercrafts blog ~ but I have 2 good reasons to make this post!
One of them is, I am not very quick when it comes to creating. I need to take my time and think things out, or I am never happy with the results. I am currently working on "3" baby girl books at the same time. My 2 stepdaughters and their cousin are all welcoming little girls into the family, so rather than do one at at time, I am doing all 3. More to come on those in the next post.
More importantly, this is what I made for dinner the other nite!! It is a Greek Gyro, but made with meatballs, as I dont have a vertical rotisserie. They are called Keftedes.
They remind of a woman I worked for when I was doing home visits as a nurse. She was an older Greek lady, and although she couldnt cook anymore, we used to sit and talk about all the wonderful Greek dishes she used to make. Keftedes were one of her favorites. So when I saw this recipe, I had to try it.
There is a wonderful blog called Nook and and thats where I got this recipe. It is simple and delicious! The meat is half ground beef and half ground lamb. My husband doesnt like lamb, but as it is such a big part of Greek cooking (and Gyros) we could not omit it. And he loved these! Then its just some onions, tomatos and lettuce cut up. Fresh dill, and Tzatziki sauce. Combine all this on flatbreads and there is your dinner!
The recipe made 20 plus meatballs which was enough for us to have dinner, lunch the next day, and a few for the freezer. If you like Greek food, especially Gyro, go over to Nook and Pantry and give this recipe a try. You wont be disappointed! Heres to you Ethel!
Many thanks for stopping by....

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