Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This past week my daughter and I took Michael back to school up in Boone, NC. The weather and the terrain is about as opposite as you can get from our part of the state. We leave in the most southeastern region you can get and still be in the state. Our land is flat, the temperature warm and the beach at your doorstep. We dont even own boots, mittens or hats.
The school, on the other hand, is up high in the mountains, very cold most of the time, and there is LOTS of snow!! When we were there, the temp hovered around 21 degrees. BRRR...
But growing up in NY, where snow was part of winter, seeing it was kind of nostalgic. I liked it. The cold I could do without, but snow is so pretty unless you have to drive in it. Here are some photos of our hotel. We stay here every time we are in Boone. TT is sitting in the lobby, waiting to go back out in the snow.
Here she is by the huge stone fireplace. The fire is always on, and there are comfy chairs and computers there, along with a big screen TV.

This is in front of the hotel. Thank goodness for snow plows.

Michael decided to stay in an apartment this year, rather than the dorms. After what seemed like endless searching, we were very lucky to get this place as a sublease till summer.
Here is the living room. It comes fully furnished, and has alarms, sprinklers and is nice and warm.

This view shows the kitchen and eating area from the living room. The far room in the background is Michaels room.
The door in the kitchen is to their own laundry room. He shares this apartment with one roomate, whose room is on the opposite side than his.

A big screen TV and Michael in his room putting stuff away.

Inside view of the laundry area. Alot better than having to go to the laundromat in the snow. And no coins to save!!

This is inside Michaels room. Theresa is watching his TV while we set things up.
He also has a private bathroom in his room, with a full shower.

A kitchen shot after we went grocery shopping.

This is the view from the stairway up to his second floor apartment.
Thats my car on the left. It had never been in snow before...
It was sooo dirty when we got home, I took it straight to the carwash.
And lastly, a photo looking towards the building. Pretty nice, huh?
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Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

NICE!!! It looks really good--hope he will lease it for next year, too! Why move everything? Glad it was you and not me in the snow tho-unless I could've stayed inside by that fireplace. All they a cat! lol. S.


great pictures theresa. mikes apt. is really cool. you do beautiful work. love to all mom


Theresa you do beautiful work. Mikes apt is really cool. The digital photo is great. It's so nice to have robert here. Love Nana