Saturday, October 23, 2010


Another installment of Yard Sale Saturday!!! I so look forward to this morning each week, when my husband and I go out hunting treasure. I would so rather do this than shop in a mall~
Some days good- some bad. But thats the fun of it~ you never know what you may find!
Today was a good one! This first picture shows an awesome price for an old train case. $2.00??? Really??
That is such a steal~ Its a really pretty green color and in perfect condition on the outside. Not even a scratch or tear. Usually when you see these, they are in pretty rough condition. The handle is not loose at all, and the locks work~
Now for the inside. Its a rich hunter green color. The mirror is dirty, but not cracked. The fabric is not torn or shredded, but it is stained in a couple of spots. The woman must have kept her toiletries in here, and they must have leaked a little.
No problem, I will try to wash it and get some of them out. Only after I got home, and opened it up again to look inside- I found a lucky penny inside!! Heads up and all. Funny thing- I did not see that when I was contemplating buying it, and I searched it pretty good. Maybe this mystery penny WILL bring me some luck~

Another sale got me this beeswax candle kit. I love the way beeswax smells. I used to make these years ago.
And that tiny little wisk was in a box marked "free". Not sure what I will do with it, but its so little and cute.
The techer book- also tiny was 25 cents. Its got nice poems in there and vintage prints of children. I will be cutting that up for some future projects for sure~

A brand new Breast Cancer Awareness t shirt for 50 cents. I love that saying!!
Also a silver plated sugar bowl that reminds me of a trophy cup. My sister in law and I saw these made into adorable bird feeders and garden art at a craft show. Ill have to give it a try.
My next favorite?? garden art statues!!
How beautiful is this baby mermaid sucking her thumb?? She is made of concrete, not that crummy resin (we have lost a couple of heads off of angels made form resin). She is about 15 inches high and sits like a little lady.

This closeup is to show you her hair~ which is all casted from shells. Shell hair?? What a good idea for a mermaid.
She is already out in my front yard.

Joining her, last but not least are this pair of little birds on a branch. They are also concrete~ and adorable.
Both of these statues were $5.00 each. I asked the guy if he would take any less, but said no. Thats ok, as I love them and would have been sorry if I had left them there.

Many thanks for stopping by...
Enjoy your Saturday also!

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