Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hello everyone!!! Sorry I have been such a bad blogger the last month. Hope you all had a great holiday season! We had a wonderful time, as my parents flew down for 3 weeks to spend the Christmas season with us.
We also had Michael home from college for a month. It all goes by so very quickly though. My poor negleted blog took a far backseat, as did much of my crafting, although I did get to finish 2 layouts this past week. Im waiting for a sunny day to take photos of them.
I will be back at once to do some regular posts. Below is one of my favorite ornaments. It is a Christopher Radko and is now 10 years old!!! Wow~ where did that time go. So much has changed, two of the biggest things being I got married and moved to a brand new state. And this little guy hangs in a prominent spot on my Radko tree ( I set up many trees each year) so I can remember the good times of the past years, and look forward to whats to come. We are in the process of redoing our kitchen and it is taking forever!!!! Ughhh~
And I am really liking all the felt food I have been seeing all over the internet. I need to try and make some of that. ( Like I need another thing on my plate- no pun intended).
Be back soon~
Many thanks for stopping by...

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