Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yard Sale Saturday

My husband and I love to go to yard sales on saturday mornings. We look forward to it each week. I would much rather go to yard sales than the mall. Same with thrift and consignment stores. There is something in the thrill of the hunt that I just love! Finding something that doesnt have 20 more just like it on the same rack.  Ans since we live in a warm climate, we get to go to them pretty much all year. Yipee!!
At one point I had started a blog feature called Yard Sale Satuday. I am bringing it back starting now. Hope you like it.
These were todays finds. We were surprised that there were not more sales around, but we scored some nice things~ and for little money.
First up- an adorable sailboat with a flat back. Its about a foot high. I bought it with the intention of using it in the middle of a wreath for my front door. But after I got it in the car, I realized it is much too nice to get beat up by the sun and other weather we have here. So I will hang it in the house somewhere.

Next. a glass fish plate. This guy is big, and heavy, made from a nice glass. I can picture all kinds of things being served on him. He will do well on my screened porch when we have people over.
His price-- also only $1.00~

The next item is more of something I needed, rather than a fun purchase. Kind of scary, at least for me! My other one was digital, and was kept too close to the shower. Water ruined it rather quickly.
Again-- only $1.00!

Lastly. we found this very nice serving dish for relish, pickles, candies, I guess anything small.  I like that the 4 sections are all separate. That makes it easy to fill and refill them. Usually it is plastic and all one big piece. This glass is also heavy and the wicker tray is really sturdy.
This was our expensive item-- $2.00!!

Thats it for today. Pretty good day, I would say. After we are done- unless we have bought many things, we go out for breakfast. Just us 2, kids stay home. Its kinda like our date nite- but its on Sat. morning. Wonder what next week will bring?
Many thanks for stopping by...

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Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

great finds as usual! the boat is really nice-and i echo the sentiments about the scale :(