Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yard Sale Saturday

Another Saturday morning scavenger hunt!! HAHA. Today, I had to  fly solo as my husband had to work for someone who injured thier arm this week. But he sweetly mapped out my route for me so I wouldnt get lost.
About a year ago, I started collecting (like I need another collection of anything!!) vintage planters that you would give to a new mom. I love the soft pastel colors and sweetness of them. This little chic is adorable! She was $2.00.

I also got 2 matching gravy boats for 50 cents each. They will be nice to put on each end of the table, because the gravy is never near the person that needs it!
Also in the photo are a set of 6 napkins with asian figures embroidered on them~ so cute. $3.00.
 A wine stopper in its box was $1.00 and it has an ice bucket with wine bottles in it. Some fancy toothpicks , also new were 50 cents~ Bob loves toothpicks, but I wil save these for a party, or little sandwiches.

I have wanted one of these for awhile. It was my big splurge~ $5.00. But its brand new and the ticket on it is $20.00.

One of the yard sales were giving away free aloe plants. Theirs had gotten so big, they divided the shoots up into many small plants.

Here it is all planted.

Lastly, I came across this Primary School Diploma from 1925. Its so pretty, and in wonderful shape for being almost 90 years old! It was originally marked $15, but then it was scratched out and they wrote in $1.00. You know that had to come home with me!!

Here is a close up of the beautiful illustration~

Hope you also enjoyed your Saturday.
Many thanks for stopping by...

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Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

awesome finds! i will gladly stand in for Bob anytime you don't want to go alone! You've changed your blog too--like it!