Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Although this should have been posted a few days ago, I didnt want to let it go altogether. This was the first time in the 5 years I live here that I had my sister and her family, and my dear friend Sharon as our dinner guests. We typically spend the day just us 4, but being my sister and John moved to North Carolina this summer, and my friend was available to come for the dinner, we had a mini crowd.
I loved it~~~~ This little cutie may look familiar from a previous post, but what I did was enlarge her to about 4 1/2 inches, print her out on heavy cardstock, and turn her into placecards for the Thanksgiving table. I forgot to take a photo of the table looking so pretty, but at least I got one of her. This was at my daughters place. She had a little piece of cardboard bent in half behind her to help her stand up. Dont you love her little glittered barette?
This is how it all started last wednesday, as I food shopped in the rain.....

As my company arrived, we took some photos outside, as the weather was in the upper 60's and sunny. Here is my son Michael and my niece Jacqueline.

This photo shows our family and my sisters family on my front steps. Our 3 other children were not here as 1 lives in New York, and 2 live in Denver, Co. We missed them.

Michael, Theresa and Madison pose on the front lawn.

Here are "The girls" striking a pose . My friend Sharon is the one on the left.

And here is my sweet Miss Madison. AT 12 1/2 years old, and having very bad arthritis, we are thankful to still have her at our family feasts....

The dinner went well as evidenced by the huge mess in my kitchen.
Many thanks for stopping by.
Tomorrow I will be back with my first Christmas project.

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Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

Had a very nice time! The pics look great---but---I am disappointed-there's no picture of the handprint!!! Lol! Sharon