Monday, April 19, 2010


I absolutely love this time of year!! The days are so warm, yet the nites are still a bit cool. I also love how everything in nature seems to "wake up". We had a great weekend relaxing at home and enjoying this wonderful season, so I took out my camera and thought it was worthy of a few photos~
And then I thought that I must share them with all of you.
Here are my Azaleas starting to bloom in front of my house. They are our state flower and I wished they could bloom all summer. Since I live so close to both an ocean and a river, we have terrible soil here. Its so sandy, and I have had such a hard time getting anything to grow. But the azaleas do very well here. Here is my husband working near the garage. He never sits still, even on his day off.
A closeup of one of the Azaleas. Isnt it a pretty pink?

This bumble Bee liked them as much as I did. I followed him around for a while. See the pollen on his fur?

Talk about fur, here is Kody, our resident furball snoozing on the deck.

That was, until he saw what was on the other side of the fence~
He wanted out of there bad...

So he could play with this girl!
She enjoyed her swings and he watched her the whole time.
p.s. we did let him out after awhile~
Lastly, I found this butterfly in the yard. He was fascinated with this patch of dirt, and hovered around it for a good part of the afternoon.
I loved how his outside had lots of orange, but when he spread his wings- there was the most beautiful robins egg blue inside.
Nature is amazing to me.

Many thanks for stopping by...
Enjoy your day~

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Mina said...

wow what amazing photographs, you have a beautiful home and family
Mina xxx