Monday, June 28, 2010


Hello~ We are back from our trip to Denver CO.
Although we had a really great time while we were there, and got to meet 3 adorable new family members (more on that later), we had THE WORST traveling experience ever!!!!
You see, my husbands job has benefits that include airline travel.And although this can be a wonderful perk, it can also be hard as it means we have to fly standby.
Both coming and going to Denver, we had to end up spending way too many hours in an airport. Going, we even had to stay there overnite and sleep on the floor. It was horrible!!!
Here was our view of the Charlotte airport for most of the first day. We arrived at 5 in the AM, and didnt leave until 8 AM the following morning. No bed, no shower, no comfortable place to sit , at least we had toothpaste and toothbrushes in our carryon. Michael finally found a rocker to pass out in.
TT did the same, but on the uncomfortable chairs.
The day takes so long to pass by, and since we are not used to getting up so early, it made it that much worse.

Here is a photo of my very unhappy husband, (see man in orange shirt) sitting in the international terminal, as we watched flight after flight take off with no room for us.
At 2 in the morning, we were kicked out of this terminal, and told to go out into the unsecured area of the airport. The carpet there was dirty, but we had no choice but to lay on it.
I also had to pour $40.00 worth of Body Shop Products down the drain, after they kicked us out of the secure area.
We made it thru, and said- OK- it was bad, real bad, but this couldnt happen to us ever again.
Here we are now on the backend of our trip, watching the sun rise once again, as we cant seem to get home!!!

We watched the board all day, and 5 flights went by, without a seat for us. I thought this nation was in a resession??? You couldnt tell by the amount of people traveling these days.

There goes another one, taking off without us, At this point , I was tempted to take a flight to anywhere, just so we could get out of the airport. And I am not kidding!!!

Here is Theresa, sitting on the floor. Thruout this whole ordeal, she was an angel. There was not a single complaint out of her. She was patient, and happy to just be with us. I surely should have taken a lesson from her, as I was in constant complain mode.
My husband, who is a very jovial person, had a mad face on like you saw in the above photo.
Michael slept, and kept saying he was getting on a flight going back home rather than continue the trip. That was until he realized, that was going to happen either.
We did~ Thank God~, get there and back safe and sound. And thats what matters most. We also had a wonderful visit, and I will be posting some of those photos thruout the week.
Many thanks for stopping by...

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