Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Are what inspired me to create my most favorite scrapbook layout to date!!!!
Sometimes the best things just kinda happen by accident. I was actually working on a journal that I purchased from the Inspired Workshop back in may. I had painted the the first page of that journal in a pretty teal blue.
Not one to want to waste all the excess paint on my brush ( I always seem to put too much paint on), I decided to smear it on a clean sheet of cardstock. I literally grabbed what was closest to me, which was a grayish-taupe kinda color.
I then just brushed the paint on the center of the paper until there was nothing left on the brush.
When it dried, I really liked what I saw. A happy accident~~
I am in the process of trying to complete a scrapbook from our recent trip to Colorado to visit family. Believe it or not, it will become the first book actually completed from start to finish.
Anyhow, when I saw the pretty blue color, I immediately chose this photo of Madelyn. I liked the play of the blue eyes, blue paper thing going on.
Clean and simple is what this page is- and I love it!!

Again, I went to my desk and reached the closest scraps (honestly, these were the ones just sitting there). After distressing them with my Heidi Swapp tool, I just adhered them in a random row to the left of the photo.
I made the flower by using a pink base, a hand stamped neutral color, a turquiose flower and a beige rosebud that I made myself. I made it out of 5 prima flowers I had laying around. Remember the old ones that we all got when there wasnt much choice of flowers, yep- thats them. a little glue and you now have a beautiful rosebud!!

Lastly, I added this rub on, and Voila!!! My favorite page is now complete!!
Cound'nt have been easier~

Please let me know what you think of my page~
Many thanks for stopping by....

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Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

Ali and Donna-WATCH OUT!!! Theresa is HOT HOT HOT on your tails! : )
This is AWESOME!!! I love it!