Thursday, July 9, 2009


Its true! Its a Christmas in July day for me today. My brand spankin new- not yet releasedCopics arrived~
I had read about 12 new colors being released later in the summer from Marianne at the I Like Markers blog. She descibed how pale and beautiful each would be, and how they would make a great addition to a growing Copic collection. And anyone that uses them knows that the collection is always "growing". Since my birthday is in September, I thought they would make a great gift.
Much to my surprise, there were a very few select sites that got some in this week~ When I saw them on Ellen Hutson LLC, I could'nt believe my eyes. They're really here, I thought- 2 full months before my birthday! With that said, I quickly clicked on the "add to cart" button. I am so excited!
Later that day (only a few hours) there was an email from Ellen stating that they had already sold out of their limited quantity. I was so glad I did not procrastinate this time, (as I tend to do that). The next shipment wont be for some time.
Well here they are in all their glory. I am off to play with them now. Yipee !!!!!
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