Sunday, July 5, 2009


Happy 4th of July!!! Hope you are still celebrating this wonderful holiday! Our little city is known for its huge 4 day celebration. We plan for it all year. The little city of Southport, with a population of about 2800 swells to 40,000 each year in the beginning of july.
Its good old fashioned small town fun. There are craft fairs, food vendors, a 5k run, activities for kids, multiple acts of live entertainment on the riverfront stage, the parade, and of course fireworks!!! This is my husband and son before the parade started. It is always a really hot day in the 90's, so we look for shade where we can get it.
Here is TT and I with our annual festival T shirts on.

Even AJ wore his fireworks scarf, although as you can see~ he is unfazed by the whole hoopla.

Her are some Confederate Soldiers. They recreate the battle during the day on the property of Fort Johnston.

How cute is this little pony and her rider??

An antique firetruck with a face-painted rider.

These guys are Shriners, and my family and I love these little cars. They go so quick, and come so close to everyone on the sidelines. Here they are doing figure eights.

This cute raccoon must be really hot in there!

A Shriner marching band~
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