Tuesday, October 27, 2009


To deviate from Halloween just for a bit, I wanted to share a recent Sunday afternoon with my daughter. We love going to our little waterfront town on a sunny afternoon to see the river, swing under a big tree, and lounge around. Today we went to see our towns' cannon, "Thor". It is an authentic old cannon and is frequently fired during special occasions such as weddings, town events, and Fourth of July. Many times the men even dress up in period costume to do it. We then meandered across the street to one of our favorite ice cream shops. It is housed in an old victorian house circa 1879, give or take a few years. It is called the Christmas House and all year its a holiday wonderland.
After we look at all the decorations, we head over to the parlor section for a sweet treat before heading home on our golf cart. I love to see TT enjoy her ice cream. Its probably her very favorite treat.
She is so precious to me and I thank God each day for having the faith in me to entrust me with raising such a special child. Although I felt so overwhelmed at first, she has brought nothing but joy to our lives. I would'nt change a thing. We have a wonderful life.
Chocolate is the flavor of the day ( as it is always for TT).

The shop is so pretty in all its red glory. So cheerful.
She took my picture having a coke and ice crean float.

These are some of the cute things you see when walking around the shop. We like to look at the ornaments in the kitchen section. Some of them look so real and are displayed in a real oven, antique cake stands, and even have a life size chef to oversee things.
Many thanks for stopping by. I will be back tomorrow with a few more Halloween cards before the big day.

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Unknown said...

Always nice to have a girly day, spending time together. That shop looks awesome, I love all the bright red, so festive. Glad you had a good time!