Thursday, October 8, 2009


As promised, I am back today with my other 3 cards form my fun new "From The Crypt" set, made by Stampin Up. I am really having a good time with this one, which makes me glad, cause so many of my beautiful stamps never see ink for such a long time after I've gotten them. Then today on Oprah, they were talking about horders. Do you think I may be a stamp horder?? I just love them, and want them all...
But to appease myself from thinking I have some weird sickness, I do read on many other blogs out there that there are hoarders~ I mean collectors~ just like me. Yea!!! I'll go with the " there's safety in numbers" theory for that one.
Well, here are my other 3 cards made on WCMD. Hope you enjoy them. I've noticed that my green cards are not photographing too well. They are quite striking in real life. The green is so vibrant. Not sure what is going on.

Many thanks for stopping by...

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