Sunday, October 18, 2009


I hope all of you are enjoying our fall weather. We certainly are! This weekend was our local Oktoberfest, and we had a wonderful time.
Their was all your fun German stuff, plenty of beer, delicious food, a playplace for the kids, a huge german orchestra that played all day and lots of laughs.
This is TT and my sister, who by the way- is wearing a fake blond moustache to match her hair. They actually came with the beer. It was very funny to see all the people with their different colored moustaches! What I think was the best part of the day was the "Weinerdog Races" There were about 83 contestants. Who knew that many Doxies lived right near me? They raced 4 at a time down a little runway to their human friend waiting on the other end. The winners even got a trophy bigger than they were.

Here is the Master of Ceremonies calling out the names. TT and I liked hearing all of their names. Some were so funny.

This is a set of racers ready to go once the whistle blows.

And here is another.

These guys were raring to go! At least all were going in the right direction. That didnt happen every race. Some poor little guys got mixed up and went the wrong way- or just stopped mid race, much to the dismay of their owners.

Here is one of the winners getting a treat for all his hard work.

And another who has made it across the finish line. Hooray!!!!!

These dogs were there for the costume contest. I loved the one in the ninja suit. If only our Pomeranian would like wearing all the clothes I bought for him.... I'll have to show him these photos and let him know all the fun he's missing.
A picture of me and Anton~ the official mascot of the festival. TT is terrified of mascots- she calls them puppets, so would not come near me during this picture.
My neice and nephew and their friends enjoying the goings on...

TT, Matthew, and Marybeth in the kids section.
Many thanks for stopping by, hope you all had a great weekend too!!!!!

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