Monday, June 15, 2009


These photos took one whole afternoon of trying to upload them to blogger with no success until now. This comes after me trying to download them onto my computer since the other day, also to no avail. It turns out that my camera software was somehow mysteriously deleted. This comes even after I tell my family member (who shall remain nameless) that "yes honey~ I do use everything on my sidebar" . He was trying to clean up my computer so it would run faster, and likes to think I have all kinds of things that I dont really need or use.LOL~
Once I figured out what happened, reinstalled my software (which I actually was able to find), I could now do what I've been trying to do all weekend.
I made this cute little flip flop album, which stands about 6 inches tall to get an early start on summer scrapbooking. Who am I kidding~ I'm about 6 years behind on my scrapbooking, if not more, but I do love to make these little books. They are somehow not as intimidating a task as taking on a whole 12 by 12 book.
And its a great way to display some fun pictures. It can sit on a table, or be sent to grandmas house as it pops in the mail quite easily. What I intend to do with this post was to save you from making a common mistake that I have done time and time again. I love to make these little books and such ahead of time, or to send as a gift, but I always forget to mark the size of the photo mat. When you forget, you then have to go back and remeasure all the mats which are attached to the album, sometimes this becomes a little difficult when there are embellishments in the way.
Also, if this is being made for a gift, the recipient will have a much easier time picking out pictures to fit that particular size.

I have written the size of the mats in the middle of them, so when you place your photo over them, no one will be the wiser as to whats underneath.
You will cut your photos 1/8th inch smaller than the sizes given, so they will have a nice border around them.

One more tip for today~ if you look at the picture with the closeup of the pelican, you can see that I have placed some of the backing acetate between the embellishment and the photo mat. This is so you can slide your photo inbetween the two. Then you remove the acetate and throw it away.

This is a shot of the back cover. For now I have left it blank, but another photo, or journaling can be added at a later date.

This was some simple stuff that many of you probably already know, but if it saves some time down the road, or taught you something new, it was well worth it.
Many thanks for stopping by....

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