Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I have returned home

I am back as of yesterday from my trip to Tampa Fla. to attend my uncles funeral. Although I had to do quite a bit of flying , I am very glad I went as it is very inportant to be there for family when they need you. Thats what families are for.
The last day before we left, my Mom, Aunt and I took a ride to Tarpon Springs. This great little fishing town was a favorite place of my uncle and aunts in the days when he was feeling better. We went to lunch at one of the most unique restaurants I have ever visited. I grew up in NYC and have been to many types of restaurants from the very fancy to the quirky~ but none quite like this. Its run by a couple and their children, in fact , their adorable 12 year old daughter was our waitress and she did an excellent job. This is a shot of the front, along a narrow street with a large bicycle path in it. The cusine is Creole, French, Greek, Cajun and Italian. Some combination right?? I ordered a Cajun chicken gyro. Bet you never heard of that before!!
It was so delicious, blending Cajun and Greek flavors together in a way like no other. It came with greek roasted potatoes that were just as delicious. My drink was a cold green tea with honey.
for dessert we shared homemade Tiramisu that was the best I ever had. My mom had New Orleans style crab cakes with a remoulade sauce and my Aunt Pat had some type of cajun sausage dish.

We had no idea what to expect before we got to this place, my aunt had just said it was a favorite of theirs. So needless to say, when my Mom and I spotted this guy at the door, we knew we were in for something different.

There are piles and piles of antiques, junk, memorabilia and everything else you could think of just piled up everywhere. This was the stuff right behind my seat. There is even a baby crib in the middle of the place where their kids slept as babies, although you can barely see it through all the stuff around it.
Here is my Mom (on the left) and my aunt as we wait for our food.

This is just a photo of one of the tables by the front window. All of the placemats, silverware and drinking glasses are different. The food comes served on all different dishes also. My green tea came with its own little white antique pitcher.

We had a great lunch, and were glad we were able to make my aunt smile a bit.
If you are ever in Tarpon Springs, leave yourself an afternoon to go and have a wonderful meal in a most unusual setting.
Many thanks for stopping by. Off to do some stamping.

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