Thursday, March 18, 2010


I hope that everyone became a bit Irish yesterday and enjoyed the day. We went to a local Irish pub and I had Shepards Pie and my husband had Corned Beef and Cabbage, and some Guinness of course!
This photo is of my beautiful Irish Mother in New York. Love you Mom!!! Although I am totally enjoying the Southern way of life for the last 6 years, there are times I miss my Northern roots. One of them is on ST. Patricks Day. I grew up about 15-20 minutes from NYC, so provided the weather was cooperating, we would go see the parade. Just watching all the people in that city is amazing.
It is the biggest St. Patricks Day parade anywhere, with over 250,000 people just marching in it, never mind all of the spectators. My high school, St. Francis Preparatory School always marches. We would get the day off from school to go and cheer them on. It was so much fun.
Then, when I was older, we would go to the parade and then try to get into a Pub for a drink and a bite to eat~ but NYC being the crowded city that it is, that wasnt always the easiet thing to do.
My oldest son Stephen who lives with my parents, is keeping up the tradition and went into NYC yesterday afternoon.
Many thanks for stopping by....
Erin Go Braugh!

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