Monday, April 5, 2010


I hope you all enjoyed your Easter Holiday, or at least enjoyed the beautiful spring weather that much of the country is having. I though I would share a few photos of our Easter weekend.
We always dye the eggs the nite before Easter. So here is TT starting her tradition this year, with a new kit. It was great~ it came with little collapsible plastic cups to put the eggs in, instead of getting out all the coffee mugs. Her Dad gave her lots of help to make sure they were just as she liked them.
Theresa stands outside our home before church to show off her Easter basket.
Yes, that IS a big can of Doritos peeking out of her basket. She loves them.

She took a good pic of me and her Dad. Although the camera usually looks like its pointed to the ground- or up to the sky, she always gets a good shot, and dead centered too!!!

After church we took the ferry to meet my sister and her children for dinner at a restaurant. Her husband had to stay home as he was not feeling well.

Here we are outside the restaurant after we enjoyed a fun dinner!! You can see Bob in the glass reflection taking the photo.
In this photo~ Theresa Lauren, Me, Jacqueline, Matthew, and MaryBeth.
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