Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This past Sunday, my sister, her 2 kids, Theresa Lauren and myself went to the Cole Bros Circus. It comes to my town every spring when we have our annual Azaela Festival to celebrate the arrival of Spring and NC's favorite flower.
Growing up in NYC, I had gone every year to the Ringling Bros Circus in Madison Square Garden. That is quite the production, so glitzy and glamorous~ and sooo many people. If you didnt buy your seats way ahead of time, you had to sit so far away that it could become hard to see for kids.
Thats where living in a small town becomes so awesome. These small town fairs and festivals lack some of the glitz and sparkle of the big city, but make up for it in their personal, friendly , family type atmosphere.
There is no bad seat in the house. You, and the small kids with you, can see everything right up close. Its awesome and exciting.
These are taken from my seat, which as you see, are only 5 rows back. We have gone to this circus every year for the 6 years that we live here. Its now our spring tradition!

Since my sister and her family moved down here last year, they too have joined our circus trip.
Her husband was out of town, and Bob was not able to come this year, as he had work to do.

Here are the kids right after the show. We all had a great time~

Bye~ see you again next year!
Look at the parking spot we got! Right outside the door!! How excellent is that?

Many thanks for stopping by....
May all your days be circus days~

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