Saturday, July 3, 2010


As promised from a previous post, I have some photos to show you of our trip to Colorado for Fathers Day.
We took several little road trips during the week, and this day we went to Manitou Springs, which is in the Colorado Springs area. My husband parents called this area home. It is unique in that the town has several (7-10?) natural springs coming up out of the ground scattered thruout. They have made fountains and statues around many of them, but the water comes up out of the ground on its own.
Each one tastes different, but they all have a club soda kind of taste. Its all sparkling water, and you are encouraged to drink it and fill your water bottle. There was only one that I liked the taste of. The rest kinda
had too much of a mineral taste for me.
The town is full of shops that have handmade Native American goods in them. The jewelry is stunning. There are also dolls (we got Theresa Lauren one), clothing, dreamcatchers, even a headress or 2.
Here I am with my sister in law Patti. Madelyn is in the background. Great people~ This is one of the mineral springs. This is the one that tasted good to me. And the statue was so pretty. She is using a shell to collect her water. The water is pretty cold also.
Maddy and her Mom getting a taste of another one~

Bob and I after a taste~

A group shot near the center of town. Patti is missing cause she is taking the photo.

This is my sweet husband, his sister and TT.

One of the stores had 3 birdhouses hanging outside and this one had a family of birds living in it. Here, a baby waits for some food~
How cute is that?

At this point of our trip, TT, who is NOT fond of walking around, sat down next to an Indian carved bear outside a store for a rest.
I think those of you that know her will chuckle when they see her face here. It took several minutes of convincing for me to get her up and walking again....
( I have been blessed with much patience LOL)
This is a picture of the town clocktower, I just thought it was so pretty.
Many thanks for stopping by....
More photos to come.

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